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Band Biography

Susurra is an atmospheric pop band formed by songwriters Brian Kruzan and Paul Vinsonhaler. Based in Memphis, Tennessee, the duo combines their unique talents to create captivating and emotive music. Brian brings his emotional songwriting, while Paul's background in cinematic scoring adds a touch of grandeur to their sound.


"Susurra (Private Demo)"

  • Tracks: 

    • It's Too Late

    • Same Thing

    • So Long

"Susurra" (EP, 2021)

  • Tracks: 

    • Call Me King

    • My Heart Should Be Breaking

    • Did Your Best

    • Come Find Me

    • Safe House

Susurra - It's Too Late

Susurra - It's Too Late

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Upcoming Release

Susurra is currently working on their highly anticipated 11-song LP, which promises to showcase their evolution as songwriters and their ability to create immersive atmospheres. The first single "It's Too Late" will release on July 14, 2023. Stay tuned for more details and release announcements.

Performance History

Susurra promoted their debut EP locally. "My Heart Should Be Breaking" received radio play on WYXR Memphis. Susurra is currently focused on studio work, perfecting their live performance, and preparing for future tours. Stay tuned for upcoming tour announcements.

Social Media Presence

Press Contact

For press inquiries, interviews, or booking information, please contact:

Name: Paul Vinsonhaler


Phone: +1 (901) 230-9699

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